Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prints for Sale!

I have a couple prints for sale...

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This is a 2008 screenprint gig poster for my old band Lovely Little Girls. Three colors. 24" x 11.75". Unknown edition. Very few left. $25 pp in the US. Email me at fatty_jubbo *at* yahoo *dot* com.

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There are a few left of the Peacock screenprint. Four colors on Canson paper. Signed edition of 25. 17" x 11.5". $100. Contact Zg Gallery for purchase.

Both prints were printed at Screwball in Chicago.

Bongoût in Berlin will be producing a screenprint of mine well as a 32 page screenprint book. Soon! I'M SLAVING OVER THESE FUCKING COLOR SEPARATIONS!

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Dan Gleason: Speaking in Absolutes

I recorded my good friend Dan Gleason reading some his stories. Dan writes about absurd and self-deprecating tales of constant humiliation...gloveless hemorrhoid checkups at the workplace, foul smelling gentlemen resting on your shoulder at the back of the bus and brain damage caused by genitals slapping against the labia too hard. Comedy. You can listen to it at the Free Music Archive.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cake & Polka Parade Podcast with Fatty Jubbo

I produce an hour-long bi-weekly (usually) podcast for WFMU. If you are a fan of avant-garde, strange, sometimes incompetent but always genius forms of music, you will like it. 20th century classical, metal, sound poetry, no-wave, prog, children's records, thrift store finds, found audio, old rap, field recordings and world music...if it's alien and odd, I like it, I play it. As a commenter on itunes said, "[CP&P] unifies the goofball side of the avant-garde...think Monty Python's version of Godard and Russell." I am trying to find the missing link between Celtic Frost and Herb Alpert.

Here is this week's playlist:

Vox Pop

Jono El Grande - Negation / Penetration - Phantom Stimulance
ZNR - Armistice Couronne de Feuillages - Barricade 3
Ergo Phizmiz - Hollaback Girl - Arff and Beef
Original Innocence - Jungle Law - Original Innocence
Vox Pop - Become a Pagan - Discography
Rosengarden & Krause - Satan Take a Holiday - Ghouls with Attitude
Keefe Jackson's Project Project - The Grass is Greener - Just Like This
Lily Greenham - Potent Impotency - Tendetious Neo-Semantic

Bingo Gazingo

Gardenella - Plague
Marius Constant - Moulins à Prière - Hor Gabarit
The Hound - The Writer - State of the Union
Nafiri Tuhan - Jesus Christ is Lord - Tony Coulter BWOB Posts
Caroliner Rainbow - Straw Prisoner Raised an Alarm - Transcontinetal Pinecone Collector
Yoshiaki Fujikawa & EastAsia Orchestra - Trivial Chief Pate Pote - Shoyoh Jurin
Leda - Future - Welcome to Joyland
Bingo Gazingo - Live @ Bowery Poetry Club 2006 - Youtube video

Ergo Phizmiz

Princess - Buildings - Princess
Lazy Magnet - Wilder Climes - Is Music Even Good?
Cigarettes - Oh! Oh! Oh! - 7"
Dancing Cigarettes - Spanish Modern - School of Secret Music

You can listen via the WFMU site or subscribe through itunes or through the RSS feed. You can also follow on Facebook HERE!

Reinforced Steak and Doughnut Tower

Monday, April 4, 2011