Monday, May 28, 2007

My Ramshackle Studio

A gallery I am showing at asked for some studio pictures to be included on their website. So here you get to see my tiny little studio. It's actually just an extra bedroom in my apartment. It's really all I need as I have been working a bit smaller lately....which I actually hate because all I do is sit cross-legged in that hard chair twiddling away at the painting on my lap. Good thing I'm still young and verile or else I would have an ass full of hemorrhoids and legs full of vericose veins...but I'm sure that's all on the way very shortly.

The third picture is of the only window in the room. Yet another light shaft in a shitty Chicago apartment for the pigeons to squat and shit in. The summer months are coming, but I don't dare to open that fucking window.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ritualistic School Of Errors - Edinburg Castle - San Francisco 2006

Here is a performance I did last year in San Francisco...reviving my old performance/noise group Ritualistic School Of Errors. Loach Fillet, Drew Zeigler, Sharkiface and Froth Fingers lent their talents to the night's jubilee. Video by Brutallo.

The show was a part of the Resipscent Records release party. There was a little write up in the SF Weekly by Mike Rowell ...

When Chicago-based performance group the Ritualistic School of Errors made its West Coast debut at Edinburgh Castle recently, it was quite the spectacle. Fronted by artist Gregory Jacobsen, the troupe of strangely clad, masked freaks careened through a circus of off-kilter music, spasmodic dancing, and bizarre behavior, with one member liberally smearing his face with spaghetti.

The occasion was the release party for the Ritualistic School of Errors CD/DVD on Resipiscent; packaged with a book of Jacobsen's unsettling art, it's one of seven new releases on the label. Others include CDs by local noise outfits
Earwicker, Tarantism, and Critical Monkey, all of which turned in mind-melting sets that evening.

Resipiscent (meaning returning to one's senses) was founded last year by Austin transplant James Decker and longtime local Thomas Day, lead member of Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet. The indie has spurt forth 19 unusual-sounding, innovatively designed recordings thus far. First release Quarry Tones by Oakland trumpeter Liz Allbee features exquisite compositions and comes in a variety of containers handmade by the artist. Quaak Muttar from Bay Area stalwart Bran (...) Pos is encased in a fully functional miniature pinball game, and features 50 bewildering tracks, most of which are only a few seconds in length.

Other Resipiscent offerings include the electronic-blizzard solo work of
Comets on Fire Echoplex-meister Noel Von Harmonson and a 3-inch CD of mesmerizing clangor pounded out on bongs and bent silverware by the Pacific Northwest's mysterious At Jennie Richie. Seven East and West Coast noisemakers collaborate as duos on Mutual Hallucinations Vol. 1, with the kaleidoscopic first track being a sort of sonic exquisite corpse as each musician takes a two-minute turn. The entire album's a heady trip, and a convenient introduction to both the label and several members of its roster.

But the best place to start an exploration of Resipiscent's offerings is the double-disc
String of Artifacts compilation (co-released with Oakland's Fish Pies label), which features 35 artists and serves as a good state-of-the-noise primer. Hearing it, one realizes how dynamic the genre is these days, and not just a wall of din.

The first self-titled Ritualistic School Of Errors CD/DVD/Book set is still available from Resipiscent. It chronicles five or six years of my early crap-tastic performances as well as a few film collaborations. Order it HERE!

I am slowly working on a new Ritualistic school Of Errors CD. It's taking a long time- especially with the ridiculous painting deadlines I have. Here is a portion of a recent piece...

Ritualistic School Of Errors - Heaps (excerpt)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lovely Little Girls - Glamorous Piles & Puffy Saddlebags CD Out Now!

An epic six song journey of grotesque proportions. The CD also contains a ten minute video of an opulent live show featuring a gaggle of girls gagging on spagetti. Crotch sandwich cover painting by Gregory Jacobsen!

You can order the CD through APOP records for $10. Go to their Myspace page if that's easier for you.

Listen to Creeping Things Dig Slowly

A review from

To look at one of Gregory Jacobsen’s paintings is to view a world of oozing fluid, hilarious meat, and demented animals. Set that vision to music and you get Lovely Little Girls, the band Jacobsen fronts. LLG walks a path of which the foundation is dada, psychedelics, and Beefheart, one that has been trod by Butthole Surfers, Tragic Mulatto, and Idiot Flesh. Swirling sickness of songs are propelled by Eleanor Balson, a drummer whose style creates more than a beat while maintaining a beat. There is an insight that female drummers seem to have (think Katherina Ex or Mary Duchess of Saigon) that leads them to a place where the drum steps outside of 1-2-3-4 but not into Mathland. Also a standout is Alex Perkolup, who plays a guitar that razors noise into piercing fragments, a crack horn section, and Gregory J., singing lines like “Pork chop sloshed tight in the pants/bottom smack chest chop soft port pants” in a style that could be called Jack Brewer directed by Roger Corman. At twenty-minutes Glamorous Piles… is as exactly as long as it should be. Those who can slither into this filth and feel at home will be very much rewarded. --SS

A video from a show at the Empty Bottle last year-more of this video is featured on the CD

...and here's a nice review from Tom Smith of To Live & Shave In LA regarding the show we played together last week...

Gregory Jacobsen's group Lovely Little Girls were superb, by the way. Their crazed crossbreeding of Brechtian narrative menace and Zappa/zuehl theatrics was a bracing rejoinder to just about anything you'd care to name...

Thanks Tom!

Lovely Little Girls Website - Lovely Little Girls Myspace

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Art Dorks Relauched

The Art Dorks Collective site is back up with a spiffy new design by web-design genius and master of scraggly hair and flappy flesh painter Brendan Danielsson.

Many fantastic works are to be found here by Shawn Barber, Mike Burnett, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Matt Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Jeremy Pruitt, Katie Ridley, Meagen Ridley, Chris Ryniak, Kim Scott, Johnny Yanok and myself.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Complicated Horse Emergency

If you're in Chicago this weekend- make sure to go to Bridgeport to see the grand unvieling of COMPLICATED HORSE EMERGENCY...a performance and installation by my good friend/collaborator Drew Ziegler along with Randal Cristopher Bailey. Unfortunately I'm not going to be there!

Complicated Horse Emergency Presents “Time Never Stops”, an installation / performance / musical play written and directed by Gary Gluey (Drew Ziegler) and Buckthorn Gaylord (Randal Bailey). The story takes place in the alternate universe of Squeem Valley which is reached by traveling through the Sparkly Protectoid. Upon entering the players will find themselves at the border of the villages of “Whispery Trickles” and “Florb”. On the chosen day, at a time deemed suitable by someone, interdimensional travelers may, should they choose to do so, attend the Mr. Most Smartest Awards of 2035, an annual celebratory competition held between the two villages where delinquent girls, mutants, lunatics, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, retards, demons, Phil Collins and various royalty all converge in musical play fashion in order to determine which residents of said villages are the most bestest at stuff.

This is a video of a performance Drew put on last year called Egg Baloney Pardon Me Calypso Germ Food Booth Mumu. That is me flopping around in the diaper.

The performance will be on Saturday night at 32nd Place & Morgan - 9 o'clock...$10 Donation. The night also includes the Nina Hagen influenced Brilliant Pebbles.

And hey! My band Lovely Little Girls will be playing tonight! At the same place!

Plin-Tub Zeke Bazaar

Belgian publisher/serigraph house Plin-Tub ran three black and white images in their beautiful new collection Zeke Bazaar. It's a double issue packed full of fantastic artists such as Craoman, Gnot Guedin, Mike Diana, Benjamin Marra, Elzo...along with many others.

Follow the links above for ordering, yadda yadda yadda. Look forward to a Plin-Tub collaboration in the coming months.

A Face Of Flapping Folds!