Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mollusk Magazine

German/French magazine Mollusk recently ran a great six page spread of my work in their third issue. It feautures a ton of great artists as well- Stéphane Blanquet (one of my favorites), Charles Krafft, Engelbert Kivernagel, Peter Sköld, Merle Allin, Unpop, John Casey, Claudia Ahlering, Larry Carroll, Xavier Robel (Elvis Studio), Solange Reboul, Crosshair, Shoboshobo / Mehdi Hercberg, and M-City. The magazine is put out by the fantastic screenprinters/publishers Bongoût. Follow the Mollusk link for ordering information.

One of the best parts of the magazine is seeing my writing translated into French. I'm very curious how the translation translates.

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