Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grilled Sour Dough Skin

Elzo Durt of Belgian publishing/serigraph house Plin Tub has compiled a fantastic book of my black and white work. It features a 4 color screenprinted cover/2 color inside cover and 34 pages of black and white drawings. Comics of sorts, I guess you would call them...although there's no discernable narrative aside from a fascination with gooey stuff and piles.

If your in Europe you can order this from Plin Tub. If you are over here you can get a copy directly from me...$14! Send me a message for PayPal info, etc etc. fatty_jubbo *at spam sucks* yahoo *dot* com. If you are in Chicago, pick up a copy from Quimby's. Limited to 200 copies.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fatty Jubbo WFMU.ORG Playlist for 4/30/8

Playlist for Fatty Jubbo (Gregory Jacobsen) - April 30, 2008
WFMU 91.1fm 90.1fm

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Sam Fuller's Naked Kiss - "Little Child" - clip from film
Dianne Labrosse - "Humilte"
Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Arnold Goes Bezerk!" - Youtube clip
Martin Walker - "Rod Land" - Commodore 64 Music
Quifus - "That Girl's Alright"
Locus Solus - "Getting Curly" - s/t
Yann Tomita - "Time Machine" - Music for Astro Age
Giancinto Scelsi - "Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra P4" - Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra
American Wind Symphony - "Pickle" - Pickle Suite
Ptose - "Eat Your Fish" - IL
Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Cumming and Bodybuilding" - Youtube clip
John Schnall - "Nice Night for a Walk" - Midnight Matinee
Peter Liepa - "Boulder Dash" - Commodore 64 Music

Sam Fuller's Naked Kiss

Diatric Puds & the Blobettes - "Mutant Dinner Music" - Diatric Puds/Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet split 10"
Mauricio Kagel - "Ragtime Waltz" - Solowerke for Accordian
Bloodsucking Freaks - "Zardu Monologue" - clip from film
Now Sounds of Today - "The Red Skidoo" - Record Robot Blog
Nicola Piovani - "Un Tranvetto d'Allegria" - Concha Bonita
Gyorgy Ligeti - "Etudes, Book II" - Complete Piano Music
Jad Fair - "Spinning Pins" - Sensationnel #5
Etron Fou le Loublan - "Solo Brigida" - Batelanges
Molly Picon - "Oy Sis Git" - Best of Molly Picon

Diatric Puds & the Blobettes

Nick Mason - "Can't Get My Motor to Start" - Nick Mason's Fictious Sports
Meadow House - "My Window Cleaning Days are Over" - Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters
Delia Derbyshire - "Restless Relays" - Complete Works
Vladimir Volkov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Keshava Maslak - "Dream #1" - Jet Lag
Christian Morgenstirn - "Das Grosse la Lula das Gebet" - Futura: Poesia Sonora
Azita - "#8" - Music for Scattered Brains
Oblong Boys - "Don't Go Bald" - Pizzazarama Universe
Henry Mancini - "The Great Waldo Pepper" - OST: The Great Waldo Pepper
Iranian Exorcism - "Chanting and Screaming" - Youtube clip
Zoltan Pongracz - "Egycisz-Dak Akkord" - Hungarian Electronic Music 68-76
Lake of Dracula - "Greeb Glassed Moves" - Lake of Dracula

Islamic Exorcism!

Rhythm Activism - "The Black Flag" - Les Mysteres Des Voix Vulgaires
Rolf Harris - "Big Dog" - The Best of Rolf Harris
8 Tracks of 69 - "Sex Love Story" - Dinosaur Gardens blog
Mitchen Froom - "Fruito Prohibito" - OST: Cafe Flesh
The Residents - "Constantinople" - Duck Stab
Fanfare Pourpour & Lars Hollmer - "Cirkus II" - Karusell Musik
Tokyo Zawinul Bach - "Sonic Voodoo Union" - Vogue Africa
Yapping Child - "Rock Singing Radio" - Tape Findings Blog
Officer! - "Anagrams" - Ossification
Plastic Zoo - "A Happy Dog" - Plastic Zoo

Rolf Harris

Klaus Wunderlich - "L-O-V-E" - Dream Melodies
MC Kenny - "THANK YOU" - from Loto Ball Show ep
Diane Labrosse - "Fierte" - Petit Traite de Sagesse Prati
Gentle Giant - "Knots" - Octopus
Lars Hollmer - "Humanoid Robot Tango" - Vill du Hora Mer
Purcell - "Funeral Musi for Queen Mary" - va - Funeral Music
Herschell Gordon Lewis - "Blood Feast" - OST: Blood Feast
Christian Anders - "Violence" - Foreign Language Covers
??? - "Quick Draw McGraw" - Hanna-Barbara Cartoon Music
Johnny Trunk & Wisbey - "I am a Gorilla" - Dirty Fan Male
US Maple - "Songs That Have No Making Out" - Sang Phat Editor

Diane Labrosse

Luciano Berio - "Sinfonia 1" - Sinfonia
Fred Katz - "Circus" - Soul Cello
Johnny Trunk & Wisbey - "Dear Sexy Charmaine" - Dirty Fan Male
Carla Bley - "I'm A Mineralist" - Live in Berlin
Nurse With Wound - "Man is the Animal" - A Sucked Orange
Godfried-Willem Raes - "Fuzzy Harmony #8" - Continuo's Godfried-Willem Raes Round-up
Flipper - "Talk is Cheap" - Gone Fishin'
The Beau Hunks - "Sunflower" - Laurel & Hardy Music
Yapping Children - "Talkboy Kids Singing" - Tape Findings Blog
Luciano Berio - "Sinfonia 1" - Sinfonia
Serge Korjanevski - "La Vaise des Poucets" - Trois Lapins
Exorcism - "Fiesty Demon gets Exorcised from Young Lady"
Akira Sakata - "Yarin' Age" - Tenoch Sakana


Zzap69 - "St. Arse Fis-Anthem" - Commodore 64 Music
Norma - "Cinema: Terza parte" - L'arpa E L'asino
Angry Girlfriend - "Messin' Wit Mah Man" - Found Audio
Bernie Green - "Ragging the Scale" - Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand!
Krystyna Zachwatowicz - "Oszala' am I Pijana Jestem Dzi" - Piwnica pod Baranami
Elena Katz-Chernin - "Left-Over" - Unceremonious Procession
Space Negroes - "In A Gadda Da Vida" - Dig Archeology
8 Tracks of 69 - "Suck & Screw Orgy" - Dinosaur Gardens blog
Los Beta - "Donkey" - YeYe A GoGo
Fanfare Pourpour & Lars Hollmer - "Experiment" - Karusell Musik
Mieczys Wiecicki - "Ongler Dwusturêki" - Piwnica pod Baranami
Arrigo Barnabé - "Diversões eletrônicas" - Clara Crocodilo

Krystyna Zachwatowisz

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