Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grilled Sour Dough Skin

Elzo Durt of Belgian publishing/serigraph house Plin Tub has compiled a fantastic book of my black and white work. It features a 4 color screenprinted cover/2 color inside cover and 34 pages of black and white drawings. Comics of sorts, I guess you would call them...although there's no discernable narrative aside from a fascination with gooey stuff and piles.

If your in Europe you can order this from Plin Tub. If you are over here you can get a copy directly from me...$14! Send me a message for PayPal info, etc etc. fatty_jubbo *at spam sucks* yahoo *dot* com. If you are in Chicago, pick up a copy from Quimby's. Limited to 200 copies.

1 comment:

Ryan Standfest said...

Hello Gregory.

I am VERY interested in purchasing a copy of this from you. What do I need to do?