Monday, March 26, 2007

Catherine Ringer

Catherine half of the French pop group Les Rita Mitsouko. They had some big new wave hits in the ‘80s. I was unaware of Les Rita until I was trawling around on YouTube for videos of Sparks and came upon a video of a collaboration of the two groups:

Unfortunately the video has been taken down.

My jaw immediately dropped when this Catherine Ringer woman came on the screen. Really unexplainable movements and a look in her eye that was possessed. Jesus- and she’s beautiful. Just look at this video for their song “Marcia Balla”

Look at those serpentine movements!

I did some searching on her and found out she did some pretty amazing porn in the ‘70s along with some avant-garde theatre work. Her porn is pretty stunning in itself- a lot of shots of fucking a broom, shitting in a guy’s mouth…but through it all she exhibits a strange sense of humor that can also be found in the Les Rita Mitsouko work. I would post these pictures but I know they would be hotlinked to shit. But here is another stunning video from the group:

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hank said...

Ah yes, Cathering is amazing in most everything she does. Did you also catch in Youtube the french TV interview where Serge Gainsbourg the old lecher (and genius) proved himself to be a double-standard hypocrite by calling her a whore for having done those pornos?

Cool-as-you-like, at first Catherine politely explained to him that it was all just a part of experimenting with "L'Aventure Moderne", but when the drunken and slurring Serge could do nothing but keep calling her names, she shut him up by a quick retort along the lines of "rant all you like but nobody can even understand what you're mumbling there - and you smell bad".

Whatta woman!