Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cake & Polka Parade Podcast with Fatty Jubbo

I produce an hour-long bi-weekly (usually) podcast for WFMU. If you are a fan of avant-garde, strange, sometimes incompetent but always genius forms of music, you will like it. 20th century classical, metal, sound poetry, no-wave, prog, children's records, thrift store finds, found audio, old rap, field recordings and world music...if it's alien and odd, I like it, I play it. As a commenter on itunes said, "[CP&P] unifies the goofball side of the avant-garde...think Monty Python's version of Godard and Russell." I am trying to find the missing link between Celtic Frost and Herb Alpert.

Here is this week's playlist:

Vox Pop

Jono El Grande - Negation / Penetration - Phantom Stimulance
ZNR - Armistice Couronne de Feuillages - Barricade 3
Ergo Phizmiz - Hollaback Girl - Arff and Beef
Original Innocence - Jungle Law - Original Innocence
Vox Pop - Become a Pagan - Discography
Rosengarden & Krause - Satan Take a Holiday - Ghouls with Attitude
Keefe Jackson's Project Project - The Grass is Greener - Just Like This
Lily Greenham - Potent Impotency - Tendetious Neo-Semantic

Bingo Gazingo

Gardenella - Plague
Marius Constant - Moulins à Prière - Hor Gabarit
The Hound - The Writer - State of the Union
Nafiri Tuhan - Jesus Christ is Lord - Tony Coulter BWOB Posts
Caroliner Rainbow - Straw Prisoner Raised an Alarm - Transcontinetal Pinecone Collector
Yoshiaki Fujikawa & EastAsia Orchestra - Trivial Chief Pate Pote - Shoyoh Jurin
Leda - Future - Welcome to Joyland
Bingo Gazingo - Live @ Bowery Poetry Club 2006 - Youtube video

Ergo Phizmiz

Princess - Buildings - Princess
Lazy Magnet - Wilder Climes - Is Music Even Good?
Cigarettes - Oh! Oh! Oh! - 7"
Dancing Cigarettes - Spanish Modern - School of Secret Music

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