Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cake & Polka Parade: 2011 WFMU Marathon Edition

WFMU is having their annual fundraising marathon! WFMU is the GREATEST RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD and I urge all of you to pledge if you enjoy freeform non-commercial radio. There is much swag to be procured! Here is the latest episode of my podcast on WFMU in which I plead for the bucketfuls of cash you keep hidden in your messy bedroom. I also profess my undying love and admiration for you. At some point Joey, Bobby, Henry, Frank and Don go missing. They are chickens. They are my friends. I also play some HOT JAMZ by Fat Worm of Error, Mutant Supremacy, Godley & Creme, Hot Gossip, Geza X and many more! Go here to listen!

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