Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brilliant Pebbles

crop of a photo by Adam Hoff

The lady friend and I shot and edited a live video for local Chicago band Brilliant Pebbles. Fronted by Monika Bukowska, a "hyperactive immigrant from Poland", she roars and chirps through a hyper-emotional and theatrical mix of new wave, prog and disco while clad in day-glo and encrusted in cheap party jewelry. It's a mixture made even more unique by the video game sounding keyboards of Samuel Ng, "a classically trained alien from Hong Kong".

This was their last show with their fantastic rhythm section that included Philip Montoro, formerly of Lozenge. I wanted to capture the great dynamic that the group built for themselves over their couple years of playing together. The new line-up will be more beat and sample orientated.

Brilliant Pebbles has a new self-released EP out now. Go to their (unfortunately massively cluttered) Myspace page for more info and songs.

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