Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Freak Wave & Zeke Bazaar

I have recently been featured in a couple European magazines. The first is the beautiful little French book Freak Wave - La Vague Scélérate, compiled by Anne Van Der Linden and Olivier Allemane.

With a fantastic cover by Mia Makila, this little gem includes visuals and writing by Anne Van der Linden, Jean-Louis Costes, Pascal Doury, Lyzane Potvin, and Chicago friends Public Collectors among many others.

Four of my paintings are paired with the writing of Cristophe Siebert. It is in French and I can only gather a vague sense of what it is about. Fucking corpses and merde. A perfect match.

The book is published by Orbis Pictus and unfortunately the page for the book is devoid of any information. Contact Orbis Pictus for more info.

There will be an accompaning gallery show for the book release. I will post more information as the date approaches...
Galerie Les Singuliers
138 bd Haussmann
Paris 8ème
March 23 to April 5

The second book is Zeke Bazaar- a black and white behemoth with a spectacular screenprinted cover. It is put out by Plin Tub in Belgium and has a very limited print run. Sadly, due to time constraints at the time, I was only able to send in one drawing.

The book contains some of my favorite inkers such as Craoman and Gnot Guedin. It can be ordered here.


substrom said...

when are you going to give us a book?

S. Hartwell Brooks said...

your work inspires me. sick, twisted, and beautiful.

Fatty Jubbo said...

thanks, brooks.

substrom- when someone offers me one!