Monday, May 28, 2007

My Ramshackle Studio

A gallery I am showing at asked for some studio pictures to be included on their website. So here you get to see my tiny little studio. It's actually just an extra bedroom in my apartment. It's really all I need as I have been working a bit smaller lately....which I actually hate because all I do is sit cross-legged in that hard chair twiddling away at the painting on my lap. Good thing I'm still young and verile or else I would have an ass full of hemorrhoids and legs full of vericose veins...but I'm sure that's all on the way very shortly.

The third picture is of the only window in the room. Yet another light shaft in a shitty Chicago apartment for the pigeons to squat and shit in. The summer months are coming, but I don't dare to open that fucking window.

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