Friday, May 4, 2007

Complicated Horse Emergency

If you're in Chicago this weekend- make sure to go to Bridgeport to see the grand unvieling of COMPLICATED HORSE EMERGENCY...a performance and installation by my good friend/collaborator Drew Ziegler along with Randal Cristopher Bailey. Unfortunately I'm not going to be there!

Complicated Horse Emergency Presents “Time Never Stops”, an installation / performance / musical play written and directed by Gary Gluey (Drew Ziegler) and Buckthorn Gaylord (Randal Bailey). The story takes place in the alternate universe of Squeem Valley which is reached by traveling through the Sparkly Protectoid. Upon entering the players will find themselves at the border of the villages of “Whispery Trickles” and “Florb”. On the chosen day, at a time deemed suitable by someone, interdimensional travelers may, should they choose to do so, attend the Mr. Most Smartest Awards of 2035, an annual celebratory competition held between the two villages where delinquent girls, mutants, lunatics, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, retards, demons, Phil Collins and various royalty all converge in musical play fashion in order to determine which residents of said villages are the most bestest at stuff.

This is a video of a performance Drew put on last year called Egg Baloney Pardon Me Calypso Germ Food Booth Mumu. That is me flopping around in the diaper.

The performance will be on Saturday night at 32nd Place & Morgan - 9 o'clock...$10 Donation. The night also includes the Nina Hagen influenced Brilliant Pebbles.

And hey! My band Lovely Little Girls will be playing tonight! At the same place!


Anonymous said...

is any of your work 4 sale. is a list available. Best

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contact the gallery for prices, etc.