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Fatty Jubbo WFMU.ORG Playlist for 4/5/7

I occasionally do web shows on This is the playlist for this month's edition. The RealAudio archive stays up forever, while the 128K MP3 archive remains active for two weeks. All of my other playlists can be accessed HERE.

Playlist for Fatty Jubbo (Gregory Jacobsen) - April 5, 2007
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April 5, 2007: Dog Biscuits! In My Mouth! Big Pieces!
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Artist - "Song" - Album [Comments]

Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone - "Rag Nuziale" - Il Trio Infernale
Manny From Belize - "Greatest Belizian Hero"
Women Of The SS - "How Dare You Fuck Me" - Private Edition Cassette
Olivier Messiaen - "Abime des Oiseaux" - Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps
Ogden Nash - "Everybody Eats Too Much" - The Fanciful World Of Ogden Nash
Leona Anderson - "Fish" - Ernie Kovac Collection
Olivier Messiaen - "Premi Re Pi Ce En Trio" - Complete Organ Works
Jane Philbrick - "Oh God!" - UBU archives
Mucca Pazza - "Alarm!" - A Little Marching Band
Baadztmaru - "Amoureix Solitaires" - from their myspace page []
Dirty Fan Male - "Martin's First Letter" - Dirty Fan Male
John Cage - "Sonata IV" - Prepared Piano Works

Varonica Lucan of Our Lady Of The Roses

Ken Dodd & His Diddy Men - "Doddy's Diddy Party"
Gershon Kingsley & Peter Waldron - "Goblin Dance" - Ghostly Sounds
Sun City Girls - "It's Underneath The House" - Horse Cock Phepner
Veronica Lucan & Our Lady Of The Roses - "DOG BISCUITS! IN MY MOUTH! BIG PIECES!" - These Last Days Radio Program
Let My People Come Soundtrack - "Come In My Mouth" - Original Cast Recording
Harry Partch - "We'll Sue For A Million" - Harry Partch Collection Three
Malaria - "Zara" - 1981-1984

Doodles Weaver as The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Jiminy Cricket & Rica Moore - "The Cannibal Song" - Walt Disney Addition And Subtraction Record
Japanese TV Theme - "???" - ???
Iannis Xenakis - "Les Choephores" - Oresteia
Little Girl Sings - "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" - Found Cassette
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - "Pam In Bone Room" - Soundtrack And Clips
Makigami Koichi - "Mukuge" - Kuchinoha
Doodles Weaver - "Home On The Range" - Feetlebaum Returns!
Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry - "Strette" - Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul
Joe Frank - "Ambulance Driver" - In The Middle Of Nowhere (excerpt)
Expo - "???" - Do The Expo!

Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Unknown Marching Band - "Bubble Bobble"
Lord Love A Duck - "Shopping For Cashmere Sweaters" - clip from the film
Raymond Scott - "Powerhouse" - Reckless Nights & Turkish Twighlights
Klause Kinski - "Temper Tantrum At A Press Conference" - Video Clip
Toru Takemitsu - "2" - Early Japanese Tape Music
Art Bears - "The Dividing Line" - Hopes And Fears
Art Ensemble Of Chicago - "Immmmmmmmm" - Bap-Tizum
Elizabeth Claire Prophet - "Call For Protection" - American Doomsday Cults Volume 14
Conlin Nancarrow - "Study For Player Piano #19" - Studies For Player Piano Volume Four

Klaus Kinski

O5O el rO+O - "???" - from their myspace page... []
Edith Hillmaman Boxhill & Friends - "People In Your Neighborhood" - You're A Star! Special Music By Special People!
György Ligeti - "Hurray! Hurray! My Wife Is Dead!" - Le Grand Macabre
Locus Solus - "Don't Switch" - Locus Solus
Temple Kazoo Orchestra - "2001 Sprach Kazoostra" - Some Kazoos
Baka Forest People - "Solo Voice" - Heart Of The Forest
Celtic Frost - "Human (intro)" - Morbid Tales
Egyptian Lover - "You're So Fine" - King Of Ectasy
Henri Chopin - "La Fusée Interplanétaire" - OU Review Disc One
16-17 - "Kat" - Hardkore & Buffbunker
Klause Kinski - "Amerika" - UBU Archives
Unknown Bulgarian Chalga - "Darth Vader Luke Skywalker"
Albert Marcoeur - "Tu Tapes Trop Fort" - Albert Marcoeur

David Moss

Larry - "Roman Guitar" - Larry
Marie The Magic Weaver - "Military Man Helps The Baby Bears" - YouTube Clip! [-]
Alexey Ribnikov - "Vertolet (Shla Sobaka Po Royalu)" - Easy Listening Russia
Jim Cuomo - "Cage Match" - Commodore 64 Awful Game Song
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - "RKBA 1675/I" - Gruppo di Improvvisazione
Chris Watson - "Hippopotami Emerging From River Mara At Dusk" - Outside the Circle of Fire
Commode Minstrels In Bullface - "???" - Jolly Crodder Gang
Bill Brown & His Brownies - "Hot Lips" - Down In The Basement - Joe Brussard's Treasure Trove Of 78s
Sergey Kuryokhin & David Moss - "Tea For Two" - Tea For Two
1971 Japanese Cast Of Hair - "Donna" - Hair In Japanese [get it at ye' ol' blogge:]
Jaap Blonk/Koichi Makigami/Paul Dutton/Phil Minton/David Moss - "Nosing Around" - Five Men Singing
Sofia Gubaidulina - "Musical Toys, XIII The Drummer" - The Complete Piano Music

Frank Zappa - "America Drinks" - Absolutely Free
Frank W. Fromy - "Beata Delores" - Quatre Axes Mutants
Frank Sinatra - "World War None" - Trilogy
Frank Comstock - "Out Of This World" - Music From Outer Space
Frank Chickens - "We Are Ninja (Not Giesha)" - We Are Frank Chickens
Frank Wuyts & Geoff Leigh - "Home Sweet Home" - From Here To Drums

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